House Rules
House Rules

We really hope you enjoy your stay at 12 Newchurch. Please respect the cottage, our neighbours and the local area.

By booking with us, you confirm that you have read and understood these House Rules and Booking Terms.

You may be held liable for any damages that occur. In the case of serious breaches, your booking may be terminated and you will be asked to immediately leave without refund, compensation or reimbursement.

House Rules

1. Guests

The maximum occupancy of 12 Newchurch is 6 people. For the most comfortable stay, we recommend a maximum of 4 adults.

2. Arrival and departure

On your day of arrival, you may enter the house from 4pm onwards. On your departure day, please leave by 10am.

3. Parking

There are free public parking bays outside the house, with additional parking available by the primary school down the hill.

4. Cleaning

The house will be very clean and tidy on your arrival, and we ask that you also leave it in a similar state on your departure. This includes washing the dishes in the dishwasher. You will be charged for any cleaning required beyond normal wear, including food and drink or fake tan stains on bedding and towels.

5. Children

This is a family-oriented house and is suitable for children. However, for safety they must remain under active supervision by a parent or guardian at all times.

6. Noise

Please keep noise levels considerate, especially after 8pm.

7. No pets

Pets are not allowed at the property.

8. Parties or events

No parties or events are allowed under any circumstances. Any anti-social or illegal behaviour will be reported to authorities.

9. Damaged or missing items

Please let us know immediately on arrival if you notice any damage or missing items so we can rectify them. You may be held responsible for the costs of any damaged or missing items that you have not informed us about.

10. No smoking

Strictly no smoking anywhere at the property, including outside. This is a non-smoking property.

11. Safety

Please turn off lights and other electrical items, lock the doors and close the windows when you leave the property unoccupied. For safety, candles are not allowed at the property.

12. Furniture

Please do not rearrange the furniture. This includes moving furniture or equipment outside.

13. Outdoors

Access to outdoor areas is limited to the covered patio area on the first floor only. There is strictly no access to the forest behind the house, which is privately owned by our neighbours. We provide a key to access the ground floor yard but this area is only for emergencies, to access the bins or to wash boots at the outside tap.

14. Local area

Please enjoy the local area safely: leave gates as you find them, stick to footpaths, take litter home, plan ahead and go out prepared.

15. Covid-19

Guests with Covid-19 symptoms must not isolate at the house and must immediately return home. Find further details on our policies here.